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MC Yallah and Eomac join forces on Mama Waliwamanyii

MC Yallah, in collaboration with producer Eomac, presents her new EP Mama Waliwamanyii out on July 3, 2020.

A key member of the famous Nyege Nyege label, MC Yallah is Kenyan by heritage, but was born and raised in Kampala, Uganda. In recent years, she has built a loyal following and released an acclaimed album with Debmaster in 2019. The Ugandan joins the Phantom Limb label and collaborates with Dublin-based producer Eomac on the Mama Waliwamanyii EP, fusing the rugged Luganda language of Yallah with the powerful and determined rhythms of the Irish electronic artist.

Formed remotely between Dublin and Kampala, Mama Wailwamanyii represents several months of work, sending beats, loops and song stems back and forth until the result is the two exhilarating, experimental and unpredictable hip-hop tracks that make up the EP. The EP’s eponymous single makes reference to its mother — its title translates as “Mama, you were strong” — and to the feeling of feminine intensity that strikes as hard as the rhythms. Yallah wrote the track after losing her mother, who raised her alone with her siblings after escaping the domestic violence of their lives in Kenya.

MC Yallah & Eomac, Mama Waliwamanyii, out on July 3 in limited edition vinyl and digital via Phantom Limb.