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Voluntary shutdown for Marwan Pablo

Leader of the Egyptian Trap scene, the young prodigy withdraws from the Game entirely in favour of religion. The encephalogram of his social media is now completely blank.

As in Morocco or Tunisia, the last great musical wave in Egypt finds its power in Trap Music. A Trap rapped in Arabic, but whose regional specificity stops there: the musicality and the quality of local productions raises without problem the Egyptian genre to the rank of reference stages like Atlanta, London or Paris.

One thinks, for example, of Abyusif, the swift flow of Abo el Anwar, in which we find all the mischievousness of a Peewee Longway, or Wegz, with its deep and sticky Young Dolph-like layers… A prolific, rich scene, whose undisputed Trap Star is called Marwan Pablo.

Or rather his name was: in the spring of 2021, the young artist – who was the pride of his hometown, Alexandria – surprised his entire fanbase and the Egyptian game by announcing that he was retiring from rap and music: “I’m now putting myself in God’s hands,” he declared on his Instagram account, among other things, before deleting all its contents. His SoundCloud, which literally bubbled with sounds before, is now blank. As is his YouTube page, which is now empty.

A dozen tracks – including the very impressive “Free”, which was featured in Egypt’s Top Trends on Youtube – are still available online on Spotify for the time being.