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WurlD refines his art with his new project AfroSoul

The Atlanta-based Nigerian singer takes afrobeats further again with this new 7-track EP.

AfroSoul is the artist’s third project in 14 months and is part of a very coherent evolution. Indeed, having started as a ghostwriter for artists such as Akon or Trinidad James, the singer started to expose himself around 2017 with tracks lkke the excellent “Show you off” and has maintained since then a guideline: the will to overturn popular Nigerian music. Born Sadiq Onifade, the singer has indeed released since his beginnings a meticulous, intellectualized afrobeats, mixing influences of soul and jazz. His last EP I Love Girls with Trobul in collaboration with producer Sarz had refined this style, and AfroSoul is another brilliant demonstration of it. “Ghost Town” borders on rock, “Love nobody” is reminiscent of EDM and “National Anthem (Growing Wings)” has a frenetic jazz/funk feel. Yet the DNA remains unmistakably afrobeats: the energetic rhythmics of the tracks, Kel-P’s production on “Wayo (Kpe Le Wu)” and the pidgin vocals don’t lie. The artist himself said that with this project he wanted to create a “fusion of afrobeats and electronic/soul vibes”.

The themes covered are very broad, ranging from loneliness to determination, love and betrayal. The singer cleverly transmits these emotions with a clear and strong voice, that impressed Colors’ audience when he performed in the Berlin studios on April 30th. AfroSoul is an effective glimpse in the singer’s colourful universe, that we hope will open even more in his next projects.

Listen to AfroSoul.