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Gorillaz release “How Far?” featuring Tony Allen and Skepta

The British group Gorillaz dropped its new track “How Far?” featuring Tony Allen, and the pioneer of the British drill music, Skepta. An anticipated release to salute the memory of the giant Nigerian drummer who passed recently.

The music world is still mourning the death of Tony Allen, the boss of Afrobeat and huge Nigerian drum player who passed away on May 2, 2020. In response, the British group Gorillaz decided to pay him tribute and revealed the track “How Far”, recorded in the Londoner studios a few days before the Lockdown.

A dark piece in which the rapper Skepta, pioneer of the Drill movement is kicking some shady lyrics, haunted by Tony Allen’s laugh in the background.

” Don’t know who they’re tryna scare

Looked at the man in the mirror, that’s the only enemy that I fear

A zombie knows who to frighten

Just know I love the action, but I move in silence ”

Here, Skepta, with his quick phrasing typical of Drill and Grime, is referring to the Zombie” Album from 1976 in which Fela denounced the brutality of police repression that occurred in Nigeria.

Long time friends but also appearing on each other’s projects, Damon Albarn and Tony Allen had collaborated multiple times in the past. Allen’s death precipitating things, this posthumous track is Albarn’s tribute to Tony’s enormous talent and influence on the music world.

“How far” is one of the multiple songs that appears on the collaborative project “Song Machine” from Gorillaz. It can be found here.