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OIEE, M3nsa and Amaarae released a new dance track ” Still Dey Inside’’

The two Ghanaians M3nsa & Amaarae teamed up with the Hungarian OIEE and dropped their first partnership with the track “Still Dey Inside”: a package of joy, electronic music and dance.

OIEE is a young Hungarian electronic music producer who’s known for his disco, R&B and dancehall tunes. He is back with his latest project “still dey inside”. A dance track combining the voices of the two Ghanaians artists M3nsa and Amaarae.

On one hand, Amaarae is bringing her unique voice, incomparable style and lyrical dexterity to the track. And on the other hand, M3nsa is bringing his experience and talent that he developed during his different projects within the crew Fokn Bois.

The music video displays dancers united around some kind of a luminous tepee that is projecting lights all over their faces and bodies. This reminds us -while we are all locked down- that it’s important to keep on dancing.

This collaboration between the three artists is just the beginning and is already highlighting and bringing some shine on their different talents and ambitions. Amaarae is intending to let it serve her country, Ghana. When we met her she told us: “I make my music here because I want the rest of the world to look at Accra”. This meeting and collaboration with OIEE should therefore give the Ghanaian music scene the opportunity to catch the attention of a larger public.With “Still Dey Inside”, the two Ghanaian artists are showing the world that their country has talent and is, more than never open to international projects.