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Oumou Sangaré announces Acoustic, an album recorded under live conditions
Photo by Benoit Peverelli

Oumou Sangaré announces Acoustic, an album recorded under live conditions

The label No Format! announces the release of an exclusive album by Oumou Sangaré, called “Acoustic”. It was recorded under live conditions where the purity of her voice and that of the instruments shine through. The album will be released on June 19th.

This new formula inaugurated in London would give place to a series of concerts where the diva’s voice and emotions would be highlighted in a rare setting: acoustic instruments, a more intimate and hushed atmosphere and an ideal naturalness to get back to the foundations of Wassoulou music. The album was recorded under live conditions, without retouching or overdub, in the presence of a few friends invited to attend this magical evening in the “cathedral” of the large MidiLive studio (near Paris).

The eleven tracks on Acoustic are filled with the force of the themes sung by the singer, who knows how to evoke the shortcomings of Malian society as well as magnifying its most cherished values. The Malian pop star is always ready to be a spokesperson for the injustices and sufferings that women endure from wherever they are.

“I suggested to Oumou that she record this album, which is a kind of Mogoya Volume 3, after a concert she gave in London to celebrate 15 years of No Format. At that concert, for the first time ever, she had agreed to try out this acoustic approach, which is all about letting go,” says Laurent Bizot. “The space it created for her voice was really wonderful.”

The album Acoustic will be available digitally on June 19th.