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Jako Maron and Vincent Fontano share visuals for "Maloya Valsé chok 1"

Jako Maron and film director Vincent Fontano share video for “Maloya Valsé chok 1”, extract from the album Les experiences electro Maloya de Jako Maron released on Nyege Nyege Tapes.

Electronic pioneer of the intense island, Jako Maron has been exploring electronic music for over fifteen years, transposing it to the tertiary and binary beats of maloya. Les experiences electro Maloya de Jako Maron, his latest album released on Nyege Nyege Tapes compiles these electro-maloya experiments.

To put this track into video, Jako Maron collaborates with Vincent Fontano, a film and stage director, whose inspiration and work has always been deeply rooted in the Reunionese universe. Jako Maron explains: “This film questions commitment, love and the place of women in our society. Born out of the emotions that were triggered by a real life incident of a women murdered by her husband. We wanted this performance to be like an electric choc going through the city. The music video “Maloya Valsé chok 1” is to be taken as a sonic and social experiment

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