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Mauritius in the spotlight on Born Bad's Moris Zekler compilation

The Born Bad Records label honors Creole music on compilation Moris Zekler – Fuzz & Soul Sega from 70’s Mauritius.

Located in the southwest of the Indian Ocean and in the heart of the main islands of the Mascarene Islands, Mauritius is the stronghold of sega. At the crossroads of Afro-Malagasy, Western and Indian cultures, born between pop, soul and funk arrangements, syncopated ternary polyrhythms, saturated guitars, psychedelic organs and Creole vocals, the sega synchronizes vocal and percussive practices from Madagascar, Mozambique and East Africa. The French independent label Born Bad Records honors this Creole music and presents Moris Zekler – Fuzz & Soul Sega from 70’s Mauritius.

With emblematic sega artists of the island such as Coulouce, Jean Claude Gaspard or Claudio Veeraragoo, this compilation praises sega and its evolution. After Claudio Veeraragoo’s “Qui finn arrive”, listen to the captivating track “Machin sex” by Jean-Claude Gaspard, which uses puns, irony and sexual allusions in most of his lyrics or Ti Frère” (little brother) by Jean Alphonse Ravatton considered to be the “missing link” between the original sega and modernity, Born Bad Records pays tribute to Mauritian monuments with this thirteen-track sega compilation from the 70s.

Moris Zekler – Fuzz & Soul Sega from 70’s Mauritius  is available now on Born Bad records.