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Zara McFarlane taps into her Caribbean roots for "Black Treasure"

The UK’s foremost Jazz Vocalist, award-winning singer- songwriter Zara McFarlane, returns with “Black Treasure”, a song inspired by the singer’s Jamaican heritage.

Three years after the release of her last album produced by Moses Boyd, Brownswood jazz queen, Zara McFarlane is back with ‘Black Treasure’ – a fresh departure in her creative direction uniting her with experimental producers Kwake Bass and Wu-Lu. A song that blends the rhythms of traditional Jamaican folk (Bruckins, Dinki Mini & other Kumina) with a futuristic and syncopated production.

‘Black Treasure’ is inspired by an exploration of Zara’s Jamaican heritage, which included an extended trip in 2018, meeting academics, and researching the early folk rhythms unique to the island. Her new sound is the culmination of this research and a reflection on how the history of Zara’s ancestors affects her story today. As McFarlane expresses: “Black Treasure’ explores how the echoes of colonialism still resonate in society today but it is also a declaration, proclamation and celebration of black British womanhood acknowledging what historically has been taken and what remains innate within.”

After her critically acclaimed third studio album “Arise”, Zara McFarlane is here setting the new basis of her 4th album slated for release later in 2020.