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Once again, Wakaliwood is ready to take over the world
Photo : Crazy World (Wakaliwood)

Once again, Wakaliwood is ready to take over the world

Crazy World, Isaac Nabwana’s latest action movie, filmed in Wakaliwood studio in Kampala, is in the spotlight at the Toronto International Film Festival. Hollywood should be worried – Wakaliwood has arrived.

Beef blood, pirate distribution, extras from the whole neighbourhood, metal tubes and frying pans being used to make rocket launchers and maximum mess… In Wakaliga, a ghetto in the Ugandan capital Kampala, Isaac Nabwana aka Nabwana IGG – the Tarantino of Uganda – is circumventing the film industry. He is responsible for the creation of Wakaliwood: an open-air pirate film studio, which for more than a decade has been making crazy, 100% DIY action movies, all acted by local residents, and packed with mad special effects.

Teaser: Who Killed Captain Alex. Ramon Film Productions.

Computer-generated explosions, plots worthy of the worst Chuck Norris films – something that Isaac loves –, Ugandan Kung-Fu, all mixed with torrents of fake blood. Gems like Who Killed Captain Alex, TEBAATUSASULA, Bad Black, and Operation Kakongoliro! have racked up millions of views on the YouTube channel Official Wakaliwood.

Wakaliga district’s amazing creativity is now being broadcast far beyond the borders of Kampala. Selected by the prestigious TIFF, Isaac’s brand new film, Crazy World will be available for the week of We Are One, an online film festival, alongside Francis Ford Coppola, Guillermo del Toro, and Jackie Chan. Red carpet Kampala!

Crazy World is available for one week on YouTube during We Are One: A Global Film Festival from 29th May 2020.

Photos credit: Wakaliwood – All Rights Reserved