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Stonebwoy unveils stunning video for "Le Gba Gbe"

After the release of his album Anloga Junction last April, the Ghanaian star Stonebwoy unveils the amazing music video of the song “Le Gba Gbe”.

With the release of his fourth album Anloga Junction, a fusion of dancehall, Afrobeats and highlife, Ghanaian singer and artist Stonebwoy had laid new foundations for his music and proved to the world his international ambitions without forgetting the continent:

“I’m thinking big, it’s true, I’m assuming my ambitions, but my dream is above all, pan-African, I’ve never had the intention of leaving Ghana to live elsewhere. Dreams of America or Europe are very dangerous for Africans. Let’s cultivate Africa as much as possible, let’s be proud and united.”

A return to his roots, which can be seen in his latest music video “Le Gba Gbe” shot on his “ancestral lands“, in the words of Stonebwoy.

In it, we find him witness and victim of a massacre that can be understood as symbolic of the constraints imposed by society on its people. The Ghanaian sings of his desire for freedom and joy through equally beautiful and colourful shots of the landscapes, villages and faces he encounters.

Me na ma kpɔ vovo,me na ne ma ko nu (me na,me na,me na)
Me na ma kpɔ dzidzɔ,me na ma ko nu… (me na,me na,me na)

Let me be free, let me laugh
Let me be happy, let me laugh