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Boddhi Satva, Preto Show, Stonebwoy and Tenny in "Ragga Ragga"

The father of ancestral soul joins other African music heroes for a dream-casting take on a classic  modern dancehall track.

It’s the perfect combo for Boddhi Satva who recruits a trio of excellence for his track “Ragga Ragga”: the Angolan star Preto Show is the first to take the mic and delivers a powerful overture in his native Portuguese. The chorus is provided by the Afro-Lebanese singer Tenny, a rising star of Afrobeats. Stonebwoy, already known for his dancehall talents, offers a performance that sticks with listeners long after the music finishes.

“Ragga Ragga” is a tribute to dancehall, a genre that borrows its sounds from African roots, all wrapped in modern as well as futuristic production. Ragga dancehall is a popular variant of dancehall in Jamaica and is based on more aggressive rhythms than reggae, which adds a rootsy effect and is, in fact, much closer to rap. Many people consider ragga dancehall to be the conscious branch of dancehall, so much so that it is imbued with a physical and emotional attitude inspired by African dance.

The track is available on all streaming platforms.

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