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The Djeli ngoni player Kandiafa releases new single "L'Arab"

Abdoulaye Koné, aka Kandiafa, unveils a new track from his forthcoming third album entitled PLANTING TREES, imagined as a return to the roots of his instrument.

After having mixed Mandingo culture with country music in a surprising second album, Kandiafa now expresses his desire to reinterpret his djeli ngoni scores with a blend of organic and electronic sounds, creating a jubilant Afro-mystical musical universe.

Kandiafa wasn’t just born into any family. Coming from a long line of griots, his great-grandfather is none other than the legendary Djigui, a real national treasure. He learnt music by listening to his father Djeli Makan Koné, and then soon afterwards through his uncle, Mama Sissoko – a former student of the Badema National and guitar companion to Ali Farka Touré – who perfected his style on the strings. But his most significant teacher, in this story of transmission, remains the customary ceremonies and family celebrations, baptisms and weddings where he shared in the cultural traditions.

The album PLANTING TREES will be released on November 27 via the label Sans Commentaire.

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