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Estère’s metamorphoses on new track

Estère unveils her new track “Mad About Your Sea,” the second single from her next album, along with a video full of metaphors of love, one that ebbs and flows like a sea that we feel ourselves sinking into.

A beatmaker and singer, this New Zealander with Cameroonian origins has delivered a sensual, melancholy track about the dependence of desire. It evokes, in her own words, “the irrepressible attachment that can bind us to someone who is not good for us – the impulse to want to save a person, despite the harm they may have done to us.” Her bewitching voice is set to a deep, cinematic piano theme that evokes the destructive love affair. For its part, the atmosphere of the video reveals a dreamlike universe caught in space with lunar-like shots and sculptural, suspended bodies, where intimacy and mythology merge. There is no doubt about it, the world of Estère is inhabited by many myths, ones already detectable in “Calculated Risk” – the first cut from the album – with references to the Garden of Eden, Persephone and Pandora’s Box.

The finesse of her compositions caught the attention of Massive Attack’s producer Stew Jackson in 2019, with whom she collaborates on this, her third album, in which a world of sound unfolds at the intersection between R&B, folk and electronic music. It marks a style that she named Electric Blue Witch-Hop, and one that took shape on her second album back in 2018, entitled My Design, On Others’ Lives, which gave her the chance to open for her idols Grace Jones and Erykah Badu. This third album is thus an invitation to explore the Archetypes, images and models of our collective imaginations as told by the storyteller Estère. Love, death, motherhood, fear, childhood and sexual desire …

“Mad About Your Sea” is the second extract from Archetypes, which can be discovered in full on January 22 via Blue Riot Records label.

The track “Mad About Your Sea” is available on all streaming platforms.

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