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11 new albums you should listen to this week

Every week, we highlight significant new releases available on streaming services. This week’s selection includes albums from AKA, Gaël Faye, Nina Simone, Nuri and more.


The South African rapper unveils a 13-track dancing album featuring artists such as Sho Madjozi, Flvme, K.O., Don Design, Moozlie, Yanga Chief, Gemini Major, L-Tido and Grandmaster Ready DAKA. AKA thus asserts its ambition to open up to new genres, as on the track “Casino,” which oscilates between rap and electronic music.

Listen here.

Lundi Méchant 
Gaël Faye 

With less intimate lyrics, the singer and writer offers more space to musicality, but also to some unexpected collaborations such as an adaptation of a poem by Christiane Taubira, “Seuls et vaincus”, written a few days after leaving her ministerial position, or the participation of the American singer Harry Belafonte. The expression “Nasty Monday” comes from Bujumbura where people go out to nightclubs on Monday night deciding not to wait for the weekend to have fun.

Listen here.

Not All That 
M. Rumbi

Being ore electronic and optimistic, the Kenyan artist‘s creativity continues. After his first album released in August SI ME. SEE MEE, the multi-instrumentalist, rapper, singer and producer keeps his music consistent and takes his talent to the next level. This hip-hop influenced by jazz, soul and RnB in a full of positive energy, is not without recalling the personality of the crooner Anderson Paak, even if his influences tend to revolve around The Roots, FKJ, Tom Misch and Uyama Hiroto.

Listen here.

Grand Médine

With a nearly 20-year career, the rapper “from Normandy and Algeria” proves that he knows how to stand the test of time by staying comfortable on “trap, bumbap and UK drill” on his last album Grand Médine. It must be said that Le Havre rapper has considerably evolved since then: this seventh solo album, featuring Oxmo Puccino, Bigflo & Oli and Hatik, shows a mastery full of experience.

Listen here.

Blaké, somin la nwit
Jako Maron

This zarbutan of Réunionese electronic music offers an experimental and skillful album, which is none other than the soundtrack of the film Blaké released in 2019 and directed by Vincent Fontano. This musical journey proposed by Jako Maron, takes the island’s traditional music (maloya and sega) into a future free of all constraints.

Listen here.

Border Patrol 

Farees shares emotionally charged texts about the violence that many humans suffer at borders in many sensitive areas around the world, but also about the lives of immigrants arriving in a new country. Singer, musician and composer, this artist of Algerian-Italian origins spent his youth in the four corners of the world, which are at the center of his musical universe.

Listen here.

I Put A Spell On You et Pastel Blues
Nina Simone

To all aficionados of the American jazz diva, I Put A Spell On You and Pastel Blues are back on vinyl!  The first was released in June 1965 and the second a few months later, in October 1965, included her moving interpretation of “Strange Fruit.” Also present was her edifying  “Sinnerman,” a  gospel story she heard in church during her childhood, which she habitually  performed at the end  of each concert.

Listen here and here.

Akalaka et The Power
Victor Chukwu

The BBE British label gives a second life to the albums Akalaka and The Power, recorded by the figure of igbo highlife, Victor Chukwu. Singer and saxophonist, Victor Chukwu – deceased for more than 20 years – left almost no trace of his spiritual highlife, except for a bunch of LPs now sold on Discogs for a few ingots.

Listen here.


A new solo breakaway for Amine Ennouri alias Nuri – member of the global bass collective Arabstazy – who releases his second album with a palindrome title, completely possessed, a real ode to polyrhythmic music. The mysterious artist places easyly himself very high on the podium of the bass music, trance music trend.

Listen here.


After years of research, the Secousse label has tracked down the authors of the eponymous Meliza record. Composed, written and arranged by the highly esteemed Alex Dorothée for an amateur singer from Guadeloupe in 1984 in Paris, the re-release of this album recounts the beginnings of a genre hitherto reserved for men.

Listen here.

Tropical plants background
Sirens of Lesbos

The Swiss quintet Sirens of Lesbos cultivates a melting pot of influences in a debut album entitled SOL. All Swiss natives, the artists met around the sparkling Bern stage some fifteen years ago, first forming a core group with a predominantly club background before recruiting the Serag sisters. The singers Jasmina and Nabyla, whose parents are refugees and peace fighters, inject a Sudanese and Eritrean component into the veins of this band with already Swiss, British and Czech blood.

Listen here.