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Bonga and Camélia Jordana unveil tasty single "Kúdia Kuetu"

Bonga features prolific French singer Camélia Jordana in  praise of Angolan gastronomy and announces the release of a new album for 2021.  

A collaboration like this seems obvious. Two committed and powerful voices whose flavors match together in perfect harmony. Yet their words seem soothed here and the rhythm lulls us to siesta, rather than revolutionary moods. Bonga shares the ancestral values of Angolan cuisine, the foundation of his roots. “Kúdia Kuetu” evokes the traditional customs and habits that are an integral part of the culture and identity of a people that face the threat of globalization. These words underline the importance of preserving culinary riches and finally, without affirming it directly, to fight against the standardization of food on our plates.

Bonga & Camélia Jordana – « Kúdia Kuetu »

For Camélia Jordana, it is a question of once again conveying a message of protest with all the calmness and serenity that marks her style as an activist for her generation. As for Bonga, his hoarse voice remains faithful to the label Lusafrica as he announces a new album for 2021. It is a long-awaited return as the singer hasn’t released an album since Recados De Fora in 2016. This new track is consistent with his general aura and advocates a return to his roots, something instilled in the lyrics. Whether he evokes the pain of exile on the famous song “Sodade,” later performed by Cesaria Evora, denounces Portuguese colonialism from the Netherlands (where he was forced to flee), or recalls the African origin of Brazilian samba on a semba alongside Marisa Monte, Bonga continues his liberating quest, even at 78 years old.

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