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Ausecuma Beats: united by diversity
© Nick McKk

Ausecuma Beats: united by diversity

With their first single “Yelena,” from their forthcoming eponymous album, the group  from Melbourne (Australia) offers unifying music that revolves around a communal rhythm.

Ausecuma Beats is more than just a group, it is a philosophy, a state of mind. Led by their intrepid conductor and djembe master, Boubacar Gaye, the nine members of the ensemble illustrate what can happen when a group of artists comes together around an idea – in this case, that of transplanting their cultural heritage to a contemporary setting. Ausecuma Beats is made up of people from all over the world who find themselves living together in a new environment. The result is incendiary: nine unique individuals, each a master of their own art and harbinger of their personal history, working together to create something truly exciting. “We represent our community, which is Melbourne, Australia,” they all sing in chorus.

Ausecuma Beats was created to celebrate diversity in music, and to express a communal musicality around a rhythmic core. It is something of a utopian project where openness and kindness are the only key words. The nine members of the ensemble come from Australia, Senegal, Cuba and Mali (AU-SE-CU-MA) and promote unity through the power of diversity. “We work to lift each other, to learn from each other through music. We are friends and we are family,” said Boubacar Gaye.

Ausecuma Beats – Yelena

Everyone has their own path, their own story, but all have this commitment to catalyzing a unique sound for their group. Ausecuma Beats features four percussionists, whose rhythms are embellished with melodic notes on guitar, kora and saxophone, offering Melbourne’s music scene an incomparable musical richness that champions the beauty of diversity within humanity. Experience this as you listen to their first single “Yelena,” which celebrates and extols the beauty of a woman from the Pulla tribe in Africa. Although it is typical for women of this tribe to be married quite young, the song is about how she refuses marriage proposals, thinking that she should live more of her own life first.

We want to make people happy, make friends and dance. I can dance to your music and you can dance to my music – there is not much difference between us. We become closer by knowing this. We are not only musicians, we are family – in life and in music. Our audience is part of that family. This band was built over time, working with musicians from all over the world. We all have a lot in common; we have found ourselves and each other through music, and we want our audience to do the same.” – Boubacar Gaye

Ausecuma Beats album will be released on November 20 via Music in Exile. re-order here.