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Prettyboy D‑O goes wild in his Colors session

While many Nigerian artists are leading the #EndSARS events in their country, the singer passed through the German studios to spread his anti-system discharge.

It’s a frantic Prettyboy D-O that we discover in this Colors session. Jumping on the spot with bulging eyes, flashy dyed hair, flame Converse on his feet and a voice going from high-pitched to lugubrious, the singer looks possessed by the message of his track. A message deeply rooted in the current demonstrations by Nigerians against SARS, this anti-terrorist police which has turned to corruption and abuse of power. D-O has been critical of the SARS and the Nigerian political system from his beginnings.

In 2018, in his hit “Chop Elbow”, he already rapped prophetically “SARS chop elbow”. He kept the same anger during the 2020 uprisings, being extremely active in demonstrations and on his social media. The criticism continues on “Jungle Justice”, where the artist exposes the problems of suspicion faced by the fresh Nigerian youth: “pretty mothafucka I be problem”.

Because of his style, Prettyboy D-O has indeed often been classified among the Alté artists, this alternative and stylish artistic community; however, “Jungle Justice”, is one more proof that the singer remains faithful to the streets. In this jungle that serves as justice in his country, the artist has definitely kept the same madness as on his brilliant EP “Wildfire” released in 2019. Maybe even with rage as a bonus.