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Rema finds his inner lover on "Woman" music video

The young Nigerian artist celebrates vibrant and undulating female bodies in a video with fascinating choreography.  

It seems that Rema has found his remedy for staying in shape during these difficult times – invoking and celebrating women on a hymn with lyrics that make their bodies come alive with captivating fever: “I’m in love with plenty women ( … ) Body dey move like a python / Love way dey give me iron.” At the same time, he invites female listeners to do the same, and the track’s title triggered the #WOMANCHALLENGE on Tik Tok, which has been seen by more than 3 million viewers.

In this new video, the young artist expresses his admiration for the beauty of the female body. A 20-year-old pioneer of the new generation in Nigeria, he has already collaborated with Drake on “Another Banger” and received the support of Barack Obama. He has also announced that he will be part of the soundtrack for FIFA 2021.

It is thanks to his parents that he discovered Fela Kuti and 2Face, but his influences go far beyond West Africa, also relating to Bollywood, trap and pop. His soft voice and mix of sounds marks an already global conquest.

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