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Atangana Records exhume sound treasures from mythical Guadeloupean studio
© DR Henri Debs et les Super Combo

Atangana Records exhume sound treasures from mythical Guadeloupean studio

The producer Henri Debs was a real visionary. The creator of Latin biguine, also called Creole salsa, this musical style thrilled the ‘Gran Moun ball’ generation, something we can relive the Mizik la ka dansé compilation.

The Debs Studio, ran by Henri Debs in Guadeloupe, recorded the greatest tracks of Latin biguine, also known as Creole salsa. This visionary was addicted to music and production and gave 52 years of his life to Caribbean sounds. The first compilation from the Atangana Records label is the result of a year and a half of listening to his studio’s archives, a long job since they needed to whittle two hundred tracks down to twelve. Get ready to discover the Super Combo, Les Aiglons, Les Maxel’s, Lola Martin, Camille Soprane, Max and Henri, plus many more.

Via his interest in Latin music, Henri Debs unknowingly created a new musical genre, as producer Déni-Sahin of the Atangana label explains: “I didn’t expect this when I arrived in Guadeloupe. Henri’s vision, the musician’s hearing, his musical culture. His vision as an outstanding producer and arranger. In my eyes, he is the creator of the Latin biguine, that’s the term I use because for me, a salsa sung in Creole deserves a title, or a biguine with a Latin musical accent deserves a title.” 

As a sound engineer in Debs’ studio, Déni was given carte blanche to mix the tracks for the compilation. It was a unique experience for the young producer, who even had the honour of sitting in the same chair as Henri for several months in order to restore the soul, and to modernize, this music of yesteryear. This page of history has opened up once again for Debs Studios thanks to this emotionally-charged record. It marks a sound journey to the West Indies of the 70s 80s via horns as well as Latin and Caribbean rhythms, all resurrected for your dancing needs.

The Mizik la ka dansé compilation will be available on November 26 via Atangana Records.

Mizik La Ka Dansé – Super Combo “Descarga Super Combo”