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Timaya brings good vibes on new album
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Timaya brings good vibes on new album

After unveiling his single “Gra-Gra,” the king of Afro-soca makes his big comeback with Gratitude.

What exactly is Afro-soca? The hybrid genre that the Nigerian singer Timaya masters is a mix of Caribbean music based on a dance that is particularly popular in Trinidad and Tobago, emanating from an acceleration of calypso (soca meaning the “soul of calypso” rather than soul-calypso). But it also reflects the other side of Afrobeats that Pam reveals, a genre that should be distinguished from Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat. 

Timaya – « Gra Gra »

The Nigerian singer Enitimi Alfred Odom, better known as Timaya, is ready to leave a tumultuous  2020 behind by bringing back the good vibes and a bit of Afro-Caribbean sweetness to this end of year atmosphere. With six albums already to his credit in a 15-year solo career, his worldwide success no longer needs to be proven. However, this new album opens an exciting new chapter in his story.

Gratitude is available on all streaming platforms.

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