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Good Good Things, Blundetto's musical mosaic

The Dijon-based musician returns to the Heavenly Sweetness label to present his second album which is released on June 18.

Ten years after his first album Bad Bad things, musician Max Guiguet aka Blundetto unveils his second album Good Good Things on Heavenly sweetness. The circle of intimates already present on the first album (Blundetto, Hindi Zahra, General Electric, Chico Mann) has expanded to include regular accomplices (Biga Ranx) and artists with whom Blundetto felt an obvious connection (Crime Apple, Leonardo Marques) for this second opus.

Guided by this roadmap written by Blundetto, all of them have succeeded one another to put their colours and spread their musical soul for a few minutes. Take the direction of Brazil, Africa or Latin America, get dizzy in the Jamaican fumes, get chipped on the salient angles of hip hop. As a conductor, Blundetto builds a beautiful musical mosaic through this album.

Blundetto’s Good Good Things, out on June 18 via Heavenly Sweetness.