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Branko shares first single from new Enchufada Na Zona compilation series

Lisbon producer Branko introduces the upcoming 2nd volume of the Enchufada Na Zona compilation with new single, “SDDS”.

A few days after a masterful set in the streets of Lisboa, the Enchufada founder launches new series with Enchufada Na Zona compilation, a selection of original music from himself and some of his favourite artists, as well as a series of his own edits and remixes, all created during quarantine from home studios in Lisbon, Accra, São Paulo, London or Paris. With the first single “SDDS” (short for Saudades) Branko puts forward a song more fitting to the times we live in and the physical space we get to enjoy them at home.

Alongside new music from the likes of Dengue Dengue Dengue, Studio Bros or Vanyfox, as well as his edits and remixes for artists such as Dino D’Santiago, DKVPZ or Gafacci, Branko presents a more melodic and introspective take on the always-evolving and warm-blooded rhythms of global club music, a product of every artist’s shared experience of creating and enjoying music in isolation.

Enchufada Na Zona Vol.2 is set to land on July 10 via Enchufada.