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PAM Club: Dom Peter represents Blanc Manioc

Following two exciting discoveries on his label, Blanc Manioc, the Lyon-based artist Dom Peter takes a break behind the PAM Club turntables to fly into underground Africa, from north to south and east to west.   

Active for 25 years as the drummer of the French dub group High Tone, Dom Peter has, since 2019, been working to highlight African artists – or ones largely inspired by the continent – through Blanc Manioc, co-organizer of the unmissable Maquis Electroniq festival in Abidjan. After only two years of activity, Blanc Manioc already boasts an essential place in the electronic landscape, with involvement from artists such as the French beatmakers Praktika and La Dame, or the Mandinka Afrobeat MCs Waraba and Gaspa. These developments are encapsulated by the Nyamakala Beats compilations which cast a wide net, especially the second volume, released at the end of 2020, which heralds the return of dancefloors.

“For this PAM Club I wanted to travel from South Africa to Senegambia, this musical road that, in my mind, goes through Angola, Cameroon, DRC, Nigeria, Ghana, then Ivory Coast and Mali, certainly the two countries I know and appreciate the most. My goal is to prove once again the innovative strength of the continent, the permeability of styles and influences and at the same time its ‘rave’ and more modern side, then its decadent side with amapiano, gqom or the drill made in Ghana!”

NB: “I bought 90% of these sounds on Bandcamp and I encourage you to support these artists and labels with this Buymusic playlist that takes you straight to the source. Enjoy!”

Tracklist :

1. Teno Afrika – Teno Afrika “8 Ubers (Tribute to DJ Jaivane)
2. DJ Black Low – DJ Black Low feat. DJ Saxo Boy – 9 Days
3. Focalistic – Ke Star
4. Shujaa Bora – Petit travail (feat Korolé Mantholé)
5. Chrisman – Another Banger
6. Jay Bahd x City Boy x O’Kenneth x Reggie x Kwaku DMC – Condemn
7. DJ Havaiana, Daniel Haaksman – Cazukuta (Daniel Haaksman Edit)
8. MC Waraba – Djoro (Bertho & Sheitan Brothers Remix)
9. DJ Lag – Portland
10. Rey Sapiens – Mabulu
11. Aunty Rayzor – Momo (4DOZO prod)
12. Gaspa – Momagbe (feat Aunty Rayzor) 
13. La Dame, Pat Kalla, Nfaly Diakité – Le Son
14. Nfaly Diakité – Donso (Praktika Remix)
15. Kayayo – Medikal
16. Bab Lee – Sous les Cocotiers
17. Jovi – Bab la
19. Mc Waraba – Timini (PROD by Gaspa – Real by Kwalud)
20. Asna & Amédéé – Fani
21. Guiss Guiss Bou Bess – Lamp – Remixed by Gaspa

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