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PAM Club: Ozadya, audacity with no limit

The simmering collective Ozadya has become a key player in Geneva nightlife with its musical cocktail that breaks free from boundaries. One of its members, Lazzylife, has delivered an exclusive mix for PAM.

The Genevans Pekodjinn, Neya, YT Prod, Zalvf, Lazzylife, Nnnurah and their MC Voodoo come from diverse backgrounds. Each of them has a unique universe and they combine a smart mix of influences drawing their source well beyond the mountainous terrain that border Lake Geneva. From their tropical trap, to the baile funk which made them famous, through the supercharged beats oscillating between house, Latin, Afro and oriental rhythms … Ozadya is a bowl of freshness geared towards an explosive hybrid formula, just like this mixtape!


Merveilleux Mystère – Nnnurah
Slob On My Knob – Lazzylife
Try Me (Midas Hutch Remix) – Dej Loaf
Inspired – Buddy
Hot – The Neptunes
Confusion – Ozadya (Nnnurah) Feat. Di-Meh
Such A Pretty Girl – Neya
Générique – Nnnurah
Ellas – Ozadya (Lazzylife)
We In The House – Neya Feat. Lazzylife (Unreleased)
Finesse – DKVPZ Feat. Voodoo (Ozadya)
Let Me Be (92’) – Cajmere
Posso Te Empurrar – Y.T. Prod
Good Dope Like Pablo – Pekodjinn Feat. Zalvf
In And Around The Lake – Lazzylife (Unreleased)
Capsule – Nuvens Pretas Feat. Kappa
Let’s Go – Dj Nasty
Bye Bye, Viens – Rolv.K & Pekodjinn (Nüfrika) Feat. Gagacci & Voodoo
Don’t Blame Me – Dj Assault
Déjà Vu Bass – Textasy Feat. Dj Di’jital)
FFFLASHBACK !! – Varnish La Piscine Feat. Rico TK
GagSmile – She Knew
Who This – Nnnurah (Unreleased)