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PAM Club: The Creole blend of BoogzBrown
Photo ©Eric Lafargue

PAM Club: The Creole blend of BoogzBrown

With the lingering goodness of PANGAR and Agnesca’s hybrid maloya from a previous session, the PAM Club is once again opening its doors to a DJ and producer from La Réunion. BoogzBrown delivers a personal and timeless set, where the music of the ancestors crosses swords with the sounds of today.

Last year, BoogzBrown offered a sensory delight with the EP Antipodal Magma, a kind of technoid collaboration with his Mexican colleague Cubenx, in which the duo forged imaginary connections between different worlds. He also stood out on the label InFiné, through the Digital Kabar compilation, which has become a model in terms of electronic interpretations of maloya. Within half an hour, the audiovisual artist brings his creole concept to life via an introspective and unique mix.

“When the night comes, the living world falls asleep, the spirit world begins to vibrate with our imaginations. That’s when we recognize the rhythm that links these two worlds. Maloya. 

This mix essentially contains songs that I composed, but also “cross-breedings” from music that I love. Creating bridges between spaces, influences and styles is a real enrichment, as during my collaboration with Cubenx for the EP Antipodal Magma. This is what creolity is, the beneficial part of exchange and mixing.

It’s important to share this vision of the world through my work, through music or the visual arts within the duo Kid Kreol & Boogie. Keeping the connection to ancestrality in a contemporary way. “


1. Shitende Intro
2. Dj Khalab – Father and Grandpa (Boogz Maloya edit)
3. René Lacaille – Cos Coté (BoogzBrown Remix)
4. Zantogola – Seli Drums (Boogz Maloya edit)
5. Salem Tradition – Kabaré (BoogzBrown Remix)
6. Niaz la mer interlude
7. Zan7po
8. Kilik (soley Maputo)
9. Cubenx x BoogzBrown – La Possession
10. Wilison