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PAM Club: biguine and creole jazz, a mix by Franck Descollonges

Every Saturday, PAM Club brings beats to your home through mixes by its DJ friends: Franck Descollonges, from the Heavenly Sweetness label, is first up behind the decks with a selection of Biguine and Creole jazz.

“I discovered West Indian music through jazz and biguine. I found several biguine records in second-hand shops, each time attracted by covers that were both a reference to jazz but with a Caribbean touch. And that’s exactly what I liked about this music, jazz sounds, close to ’New Orleans’ but with rhythms, melodies, songs that are purely West Indian, which gives this style a timeless feel.

Sometimes this music has a folkloric image, a little naive, even outdated, whereas on the contrary it is very rich, requires dexterity and talent from the musicians and represents part of the foundations of West Indian music. It remains astonishingly modern to me, even though its birth can be traced back to before the end of slavery and some claim that it gave birth to jazz. Vast debate. A music to (re) discover thanks to this mix, which is obviously not exhaustive.

As for the label’s West Indian compilations, I have no idea whether the titles selected were hits and are known by the public (apart from “Ban moin en ti bo” obviously). The selection was made according to purely personal criteria. The songs I liked, period.”

Tracklisting :

Robert Mavounzy – Serpent maigre
Gerard Copet – la fête gondeau
Pierre Rassin – ti William
Serge Christophe – la sicrier
Geno exilie – tou ti crab derho
Casimir letang – travail z’enfants
Paul Émile Haliard
Maurice Alcindor
Lotus jazz – an nou allé courir vidé
Josy Masse – appiye
Ti Celeste – moin envie dansé belle biguine
Mahy – Antilles méchant bateau
Alain Jean marie – Mi belle journée
Francisco – Ban moin en Tibo
Guadeloupe Reflexions – Eduardo soprano latino
Solon Goncalves – biguine créole