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PAM Club: DJ ADAMM draws a self‑portrait through new mixtape

For this new PAM Club episode, we welcome DJ Adamm. This Lisbon-based DJ and producer has crafted an 100% personal mix for the occasion, with a few brand new tracks in the setlist.

“I am the type of person who likes to listen to music and I spend most of my day listening to music. With this crisis it was a little complicated to think about new projects but I am always working, always producing and remixing other artists. I miss the clubs a lot, I miss having the audience close to me, to get everyone dancing, I hope this goes away! Here is a mix of some of my tracks released during the last 2 years, with some unreleased ones.”

Tracklist :

  1. DJ Adamm – Entre Paredes
  2. DJ Adamm – Obscuro
  3. DJ Adamm – Bósnia
  4. DJ Adamm – PUTOS DO ADAMM
  5. DJ Adamm – É OQ
  6. DJ Adamm – P I A N O
  7. DJ Adamm – DIA 17
  8. DJ Adamm – DIA 71
  10. DJ Adamm – TAMBULENO
  11. DJ Adamm – ESSAAA
  12. DJ Adamm – TEXAS 49
  13. DJ Adamm – TA BATE
  14. DJ Adamm – CONSUMO