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PAM Club: Ben Gomori, Africa is in the house

For this new PAM Club episode, we will feature Ben Gomori. The British DJ/producer recorded an exclusive set for PAM in which house and African music conduct a beautiful dialogue.

“This mix is a collection of some of my favourite African house music and Afro/Afro-Latin flavoured house. I hesitate to use the word ‘afro house’ itself these days as it tends to mean something a bit different. I’ve included an exclusive: my remix for Kiko Navarro featuring Cuban musicians Nina and Benji Habichuela, which isn’t out until November. I hope you enjoy this mixed bag of flavours new and old.

During the first couple of weeks of lockdown I was struggling to feel motivated or creative, but I eventually found my way back to a place where I was able to remain excited about making music and spreading other people’s music too. Like everyone, I’ve tried to adapt and find different ways to keep DJing in some form or another – like with my weekly Pitchblack Mixtapes live streams, where I play an hour of eclectic, chilled, deep listening music every Tuesday night.

This mix was another welcome distraction to help fill up my days with. The more projects I have, the more shape I can give to my days and the more palatable the whole situation becomes. So thanks for helping me, PAM!”

Tracklist :

Maxime Alexander feat. $hakes – BSA Freestyle #1 [Monologues Records]
JD Twitch – M’BAMINA Edit – Kilowi-Kiklowi (Twitch edit) [Africa Seven]
Orchestra Baobab – Sibou Odia (Ben Gomori Edit) [Sterns Edits]
Djessou Mory Kante – Denya (Ben Gomori Edit) [Sterns Edits]
Kiko Navarro feat. Nina & Benji Habichuela – Okere (Ben Gomori’s Inner Goddess Remix) [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Major Boys – Sing Ah Eh [Royal Drums]
Krywald & Farrer – Jama Ko (K&F Edit) [Persies]
Heller & Farley – Deep Sensation (Friday Night Special) [Four To The Floor]
Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham Timbuktu (Pan African Electro Dub) [Ibadan Records]
Frederic Galliano & The African Divas – Koukou Lé (Jori Hulkonnen Remix) [F-Communications]
Falle Nioke & Ghost Culture – Barké (Abel Ray Remix) [PRAH Recordings]