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PAM Club: afro club according to DAWA

DJ Diyou, DJ Ata & DJ Nek London

Parisian collective DAWA, formed of DJ Ata, DJ Diyou and DJ Nek London, gives PAM Club a triple-layered set guided by an addictive Afro-electronic groove. A thrilling one-hour overview of what these diasporic music agitators normally reserve for us in the clubs of the French capital.

Formed in 2017, DAWA collective has established itself over the years as one of the best representatives of the vivacity and diversity of electronic music genres from Africa and the diaspora in Paris. With an approach resolutely aiming at decategorizing genres, DAWA sow an enthusiastic disorder by connecting batida, soca, house, baile funk and more in their high-intensity sets. This resonates throughout their PAM Club mix where each member shines behind the decks. “80% of the sounds we play are unknown to our audience. And that’s what’s important to us. We want to offer real sonic cruises, to put forward emerging artists, sounds that a producer sends us without warning. We bring in DJs, musicians, etc. That’s the DAWA identity. ” Said Diyou about the aspiration of the collective. And we have to admit that the collective’s state of mind is appropriate, as their exclusive mix is in line with this logic. All you have to do now is warm up before you start listening and get the “dawa” going!

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Collectif DAWA

As an introduction, Diyou offers us an afro-eclectic composition that gradually rises in intensity with strong percussive parts: “It is a tribute to the singers and producers of anthology that have shaped my musical path“.

Then it’s Nek London’s turn, for whom the beat is the root: “125-127 per minute“. He hammers his presence with the secret ambition of pushing his audience towards exaltation: “In this industrial cadence, I sought to produce an anomaly – an ascent, a descent – to generate the spark“.

Then comes Ata, who sees her part as an outlet – an ode to letting go. She explores here several universes of alternative music; one which ventures in territories where African rhythms blend with electronic sounds: “I played what I would have liked to hear in club, a kind of trance which leads gradually to the movement“.


1. Zaiko Langa Langa – Muvaro (Diyou edit)
2. DJ Oats – Kata
3. Jowaa – Nano
4. Spilulu & Super Tonton & Mike – Tombosha Bantu
5. Haddaway – What Is Love (Gafacci edit) 
6. Jessica Mbabgeni & Frigid Armadillo – Imbokodo
7. Sobek – True Anomaly
8. Caiiro – Drummotions
9. Jus Now & Swappi – Awesome Bad
10. Deech – LB 
11. Sho Madjozi – Sena Ala (Gafacci edit) 
12. Sanjiao – Yup
13. RolvK & Pekodjinn – Tsevie 
14. Champion & Mina – Xyla
16. Omaar – Afrotype 
17. Mina & Bryte – Sentah (King Doudou edit) 
18. Sounom & Sagou – Everyday Moments (Kamilo Sanclemente edit)
19. Trio Ternura – A Gira (Kaval edit) 
20. A$AP Ferg – Work (Foba edit)   21. Bad Bunny – Krippy Kush (Maieli edit)   22. Lkhn – Why

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