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PAM Club: the afro‑house year of DJ Satelite

It is December 25th, so we had an exclusive mix of DJ Satelite ready waiting for you under the Christmas tree. More than two hours of afro house retrospective from his label Seres Produções and elsewhere.

2021 was an extremely rich year for the Angolan label Seres Produções, managed with style by DJ Satelite and Danykas DJ. Dreamy melodies with Caliber Afrofusion, percussive groove with Polback, afro house anthems with Ziddo or dancefloor spirituality with Bun Xapa; artists among many others that still make this label an essential stop on the African club scene. It’s been more than 20 years since Satelite – whose history you can discover here – launched its structure, looking for the best of afro house and kuduro. Today, from Lisbon, the DJ and producer is spreading the genre internationally with authentic and quality releases, making sure he never leaves the charts. The one who makes the planet groove more than ever with online events since the beginning of the crisis took the time to send us this PAM Club, sweeping his favorite afro house of the year in a two-hour trip. Merry Christmas!

Pan African Music · PAM Club : DJ Satelite


1. XXXX – Exclusive
2. PolBack – Rutxinha
3. ElphaSoul & AntiQue Tee – Across The World
4. Mezomo – Exodus
5. Sabuddha Kortez – Camagu
6. Oscar P & FNX – Filtered African Blues – (FNX OMAR REMIX)
7. DJMreja & Neuvikal Soule – The Apolyptic Rhythm
8. Bun Xapa – Kameni Kameni
9. PolBack – Mei D Bonc
10. Osvaldo Beatz Feat. Earl W Green – Smandana Boda
11. Bun Xapa, Lungiswa Plaatjies – Sinikeli
12. DJ Satelite & Demented Soul, Paulo Flores -Kandongueiro Voador
13. Levy M Feat. Aymos – Xola (Cee ElAssaad Voodoo Mix)
14. Rosario – State Of Mind
15. DJ Satelite & Cortega ft. Noumoucounda – Kan Tola
16. Caliber Afrofusion – A Journey to Guinea
17. Bun Xapa – 18:18
18. Chronical Deep – Kamo
19. Musa Keys ft. Sir Trill & Nobantu Vilakazi – Vula Mlomo (TekniQ AfroTEK Mix)
20. Zakes Bantwini & Nana Atta – Amanga (Da Capo Remix)
21. ZIDDO – Inkabi
22. DJ Satelite, Bun Xapa – Mama Africa (Dub Mix)
23. Problem Child Ten83 – Letters From The Water People

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