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Nneka unveils her Love Supreme

The multi-faceted Nigerian-German singer announces her fourth album with “Maya”, a reggae flavored single.

On “Maya”, Nneka combines rhythmic guitar melodies with her infectious gospel and reggae energy. The track follows the recent singles “With You”, “This Life”, “Yahweh”, “Tea ?” and “Love Supreme”. All six tracks will be featured on the German-based singer’s forthcoming album, Love Supreme, to be released on 11 February 2022.

This new album will be released after a five-year musical hiatus, during which time Nneka decided to release her music independently rather than through a record label. This creative change has helped her regain her mental and physical health, as well as her work-life balance. Love Supreme‘s mantra? “Being present is the key to this moment”.

Born and raised in the Delta region of Nigeria, Nneka Lucia Egbuna moved to Germany at the age of 19 to study anthropology at Hamburg University. It was during her years of study that she honed her craft as a singer-songwriter, focusing her songs on social issues. Over the past decade, the singer has released three albums.

Love Supreme by Nneka, out on February 11, 2022.