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Ticora unveils its afrobeat and maloya cocktail on “Soledad”

An electric journey between Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. 

The group Ticora drops today their first official track, “Soledad”. At the crossroads of afrobeat, highlife and jazz, the track set the tone for their upcoming album Rivers from Ogun. The project will navigate between music from the African continent, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean, drawing its inspiration from rumba, kompa or spiritual jazz as well as maloya. The Yoruba deity Ogun will be invoked to guide the group in dealing with issues such as police brutality, the situation of refugees and general intolerance. 

Based between France and Switzerland, Ticora was born from the meeting of organist Cédric Schaerer with Hadrien Santos Da Silva, an expert in traditional music from around the world and member of the famous Ti’Kaniki maloya collective. When their paths crossed in Zurich in 2016, they decided to form a quartet with two other musicians passionate about “world music”: Arthur Donnot on tenor saxophone (Kuma) and Erwan Valazza on guitar (Mohs). 

Rivers from Ogun by Ticora, available on 14 January 2022.