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Eat My Butterfly announces her new EP Labalamer

The four track project, to be released via Shika Shika, was created amidst the sun and the waves of the Indian ocean.

Labalamer was composed during 2021 after Dilo aka Eat My Butterfly’s return to her roots, on her native La Reunion island. The release shows how her homeland’s vibrant culture inspired her, as she embraces the island’s typical maloya music and traditions in a subtle way. Blending her drum and percussion instruments with electronic music and sounds from her roots, she creates an intimate and colourful project with Labalamer, evoking themes such as bereavement, expatriation and an inner journey of discovery. “Dan Ton Zié”, featuring Reunion artist Sibu Manaï, already available, presents its very own entrancing and delicate universe. 

Eat My Butterfly has become one of the most exciting young artists to emerge from the Indian ocean’s flourishing and diverse scene, notably thanks to her projects Spring EP and Déor kreol reworks. Labalamer also features a selection of fellow Reunionese artists such as Christine Salem, Aleksand Saya and Justine Mauvin ‘aka’ Sibu. They are joined by names from further afield such as French artist Dal, Corsican bass player Alix Guglielmi and a special collaboration with Shika Shika co-founder El Búho. 

Labalamer by Eat My Butterfly, out on December 9 via Shika Shika.