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Gaika takes over London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts with War Island

The South London artist has announced a new audiovisual exhibition, introducing a first listen to the exhibits soundtrack via single “Zatōichi”. 

Gaika’s debut album Basic Volume was released in July 2018 by Warp Records, followed by numerous scores for film, TV, contemporary dancers, and the production of the lead track for the films Share and Sprinter. He has also participated in group exhibitions, and dabbles as a fiction writer. His new work, War Island, is part of the Nine Nights initiative Channel B, a series of exhibitions running since September. Every exhibition “addresses sci-fi, speculative fiction, horror, political satire and experimental sound, and considers the contemporary role of surveillance, digital autonomy, non-human intelligence and digitised human ritual.

GAIKA · Gaika – Zatōichi

War Island tells the story of a movie not yet made with Gaika as the narrator,  inspired by the brutality of Japanese Yakuza pictures. It also bears an autobiographical dimension, making parallels with his journey in art and rap. A reference to the Japanese fictional character made world famous by Takeshi Kitano’s 2003 film, “Zatōichi” is the first single of the movie’s soundtrack, to be released in January, setting the tone for the gritty and raw ambiance of the exhibition.