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KOKOKO!’s Love Lokombe presents his "Dindon”

The Congolese artist, spearheading the alternative kizobazoba movement, delivers a particularly satirical new track on Moonshine’s label.

Best known as a founding member of the Kinshasa-based DIY band KOKOKO!, Love Lokombe is a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Considered one of the fathers of the alternative music genre kizobazoba, where techno and Congolese music (sebene, rumba, ndombolo) meet, his lyrics are full of double meanings and offer a satirical look at Congolese society. Back in solo, he offers us today his track “Dindon” (turkey), presented by the Montreal collective Moonshine

The turkey is a parable, it evokes the temptations of everyday life that can sometimes cause our downfall, and conversely the importance of staying focused on those who really matter,” Love Lokombe explains about the song.

The video, partly shot in Kinshasa, humorously immerses us in the best choreographers of the Congolese capital. 

Listen to “Dindon” in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.