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Grove blends dancehall, punk and dub on SPICE

The Bristol artist announces a new project full of snakes, vampires, soft cheeks and pum pum.

Grove is a producer and vocalist from Bristol, United Kingdom. SPICE, her new EP,marks an experimentation of dancehall punk, dub and hip-hop with future-facing dancefloor styles. Fusing mutant club scenes with the fiercest vocals and 10 tonne bass, the EP drafts additional production credits from YOKEL (Slack Alice, Avon Terror Corps) and Robin Stewart (Giant Swan).

This mixtape is an ode to the exciting and lust-filled period of new relationships, and explores everything from steezy self-confidence, to slippery sensual encounters and the soft cheeks of a lover”, says Grove. “Delving into the beauty of production that is firmly rooted in both Jamaican and British culture has been a great process of personal growth. Being a person of dual-heritage, the dancehall and dub elements are the Jamaican spice, mixed with the undeniable influence that Bristol has had in terms of sonic darkness and experimentation.”

“Skin2Skin”, already available, gives a perfect example of how Grove fuses dancehall flow with hard UK electronic music. 

Listen to XXX in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

SPICE by Grove, out on November 23.