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Sizz The Truth goes back to rapping on "Issokay"

The rapper drives through Accra by night in his new video. 

Following of his latest single “Should’ve Known Better”, Sizz The Truth is back with a new track accompanied by a video: “Issokay”. While his last single focused on love relationships and R&B vibes, on “Issokay”, the artist goes back to rapping, mixing English with local pidgin. As hip-hop tradition demands, he shows off his level and skill, evoking his recent moves and the future he sees for himself, claiming to have only love for the rest of the game. The instrumental was produced by BADSZN, and the track was mixed and mastered by MikeMillzOnEm.

It’s just me accepting real love and distancing myself from fake love. If the love isn’t real then keep it, it’s okay!”, he comments.

The accompanied video was shot in Accra by Wavy Vibrations, in different neighbourhoods of the Ghanaian capital. We follow Sizz on a night excursion, flexing in front of some well-known settings of the city (the Palms Square, Villagio Vista). Sizz is currently working on a third project named Outlier, which will follow the critically acclaimed GreySkies Are Smokescreens (2020).

Listen to “Issokay” in our Pan African Rap playlist on Spotify and Deezer.