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Laliboi and Volume upgrade their Xam EP

In celebration of their common EP coming to all streaming platforms, the two South African artists invite four local electronic artists to remix a song of their choice from the project.

Laliboi and Volume met in 2015 through their respective bands (Radio 123 and Go Barefoot) sharing the stage in Johannesburg and Vosloorus. At the end of 2018, both got together in the studio with Morena Leraba, resulting in the title track “Xam”. This lead to an original EP titled Xam, released exclusively on Bandcamp in May 2020. The project featured four tracks now being remixed by local talents such as MOJVKI, Tzara, Vox Portent and Charles Gene Suite.

Xam comes from the name of the symbol and material used by traditional healers in South Africa. It refers to the skin of the monitor lizard used in traditional medicine and healing. In the context of the EP, the name refers to the healing power of music and connects how we  may all find spirituality in any form we choose as long as we respect all cultures, traditions and outlooks on the world.

Xam Deluxe by Laliboi and Volume, out on December 3rd.