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Jawhar sings about monotony on “Schizo Hyout”

The Tunisian composer releases a single to introduce his fourth album exploring the dreamy, dark folk he is so well known for.  

Jahwar is a Tunisian singer and songwriter with three albums to his credit. His style of music is somewhere between folk and pop, often referred to as “Arabic Dream Pop”. After Winrah Marah, released in 2018 and well received by critics, he unveils the sleek single “Schizo Hyout”, accompanied by a music video. The song speaks about the daily ritual of working alone, imagining a dialogue between a man and a wall depicted in an abstract, sobering video.

“Schizo Hyout” heralds Tasweerah, a new album for the artist. The title of the project is polysemous, meaning portrait, image, snapshot, but also projection of the mind. The album will be “a series of stills, a series of more or less personal portraits. The songs are, each in their own way, attempts at a universal portrait of the artist. They question his place and that of the imagination in society, and pose the creation and quest for beauty”. 

Listen to “Schizo Hyout” in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

Tasweerah by Jawhar, out on March 17, 2022.