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DJ Lag is one step closer to Meeting with the King

The Durban-based pioneer has released “Raptor” featuring Canadian-American producer Sinjin Hawke, presenting his gqom 2.0 sound. 

There’s something special about the way Lag uses drums, they’re so tough and epic yet minimal and spacious at the same time, has been a treat working with him,” says Sinjin Hawke about DJ Lag’s new single. “We made a bunch of songs together over the pandemic and ‘Raptor’ stood out as the most potent mix of our styles. It was initially composed as an instrumental for a vocalist, but we later found that it sounded great on its own and decided to release it on Lag’s album as a club track.”

“Raptor” proudly represents gqom’s endless possibilities and manifestations across borders, bringing together Lag’s talent for minimal, percussive and looping sounds, with Hawke’s touch of grandeur and melody. It is accompanied by a powerful video, featuring scenes of the Durban-based producer and others engaging in near-anarchic dances, ensuring an otherworldly atmosphere. 

The track has been announced as a single for Meeting with the King, DJ Lag’s upcoming album. The project will trace his journey from its early days, tell the battles he fought to earn his position as a pioneer of South African electronics, and present the sound of gqom 2.0, heavily influenced by Afro-house, Afro-tech and the new amapiano craze.  

Meeting with the King by DJ Lag, out on February 18, 2022.