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Take a ride with Ghanaian producer Gafacci on his new EP “Trotro Remixes”

The Accra-based Asokpor producer presents us “Trotro Remixes”, following his recent “Face The Wall” EP.

“Trotro” is with no doubt the most powerful track of Gafacci’s last project. Gaining a high popularity within the electronic/dance DJs sphere, Gafacci has decided to do an EP with the different remixes he got from his fellow colleagues. The EP is an international move, with tracks coming from Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain and South Africa. Italian DJ Ckrono has flipped “Trotro” to make it a surefire club song. Enchufada Artist Dj Adamm sticks to his signature sound inspired by Kuduro to give “Trotro” a percussive uplift. Spanish producer Noiapre orbits around club-oriented and Caribbean sounds with his remix. Netherland based God full Effect lends his bubbling style to the track. Finally, South African artist Kquesol transformed “Trotro” into an infectious South African House Song.

With more than 8 projects out, Gafacci is a hyper-productive artist. His sound, baptized “Asokpor”, comes from a desire to entrench an electronic scene in Ghana and West-Africa. The result is an explosive cocktail, made in a space between afrobeats, kuduro, electro and plenty of other genres. His inspiration comes from his lively and vibrant Labadi neighbourhood, from where he wants to make his music heard in the entire world. “Trotro remixes” is precisely an international trip on a trotro, notorious Accra minibuses famous for their bumpy and creative driving. 

Check out Gafacci’s Trotro Remixes on Bandcamp now.

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