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Soulful singer Moonga K. in search of infinity with "heartbeat 8" video

Two years after his debut album Wild Solace, the Johannesburg based artist unveils a touching video clip for his single “hearbeat8”.  The artist shared with us the work of the video clip.

Born into a family of Zambian musicians and raised in Botswana, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter Moonga K. has now found a home in Johannesburg. Two years after his debut album the artist continues to explore a more adult contemporary sound with his writing, diving into a more personal territory of life throughout this new track. “I’m inspired by nostalgia, and trying to bring the listener back to a place that makes them feel happy or reminiscent of a time where things were beautiful is my goal with writing and singing.” explained the 23-year-old singer.

Released on April 3rd, the clip has two distinct parts where you can express yourself, says the singer: “I love that there’s two parts to this song as well, one where you can slow dance with your partner and another where you can pop, lock and drop it, and still be in love throughout those transitions.” Moonga K. wanted to make a unique and emotional clip in “heartbeat 8, a Visual”: “I used “a Visual” because it’s not just a music video to me – it’s an emotion picture that I want to have people feel something when they watch it . The viewers can interpret it in their own way.

Performing in the video clip, the singer translates the search of infinity by sharing a powerful message about love, identity and eternity: “The song is about falling in love and that fear of it being eternal and binding, but there’s hope in this love being infinite with time being shared between two individuals, because the beauty of infinity is where we find our food, our shelter — our identity.” expresses Moonga K.