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Buffering juju, the concept album of South African duo Dumama and Kechou

Buffering juju is Dumama and Kechou’s debut album, which will be released on March 20th on the South African label Mushroom Hour Half Hour.

The Johanessburg-based label explains that the album is « a conduit to a past we were not necessarily present for, and a future where threatened indigenous technologies thrive in an increasingly digitized world. »

Buffering juju is a concept album by Cape Town-based artists Dumama (Gugulethu Duma) and Kechou (Kerim Melik Becker). The album is a mix of jazz, xhosa folk music and hip hop with appearances of Angel Bat David (Intl Anthem) and Siya Makuzeni (Spaza).

This LP also tells the story of a woman coming out of prison where each track is a chapter in this fabulous story. The tracks “mother time” and “intaka” demonstrate the duo’s desire to push their music into the process of “digging out spiritually charged content from within”.

The album Buffering juju will be available on March 20th. You can check the cover and order the album at Mushroom Hour Half Hour.