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Diving in the ‘High Waters’, with the Egyptian producer Bosaina

As a keystone of the Cairo scene, the artist has just enlightened the web with the release of “High Waters”, a song that crystallizes her many obsessions: fashion, dance, singing and dreamlike tablecloths.

Artist, performer, Dj, producer, jazz musician (you can listen to her project Electronica Jazz: New York April – July 2013 / Two Names Upon the Shore), but also singer of Quit Together or leader of the very turbulent Electro-clash Wetrobots band, Bosaina is one of the most prolific activists of the electronic scene in Cairo. 

Also an actress (in The United released in 2012) and member of the lively collective Kairo is Koming, the artist has even managed a club in Cairo, the VENT – now closed -, a pioneering experiment in Egypt, a 250-seat dancefloor, the first of its kind to display international bookings in the heart of the capital.

From the Berlin stages to, more recently, Jazzablanca or Moga in Morocco, and of course the Internet, Bosaina leaves magical moments wherever she goes. Latest manifesto to date? The very recent release of High Waters, a dreamlike piece for which she signs almost everything, from the making of the clip to the choreography.

Bosaina’s projects are numerous and hybrid. You can find them here.

Solar and dancing, her amazing Boiler Room – one of the grooviest of the 2017 season – is to be experienced again here.