Muthoni Drummer Queen unveils new video dedicated to the African women, “Power”

“Power” is the first single of Muthoni Drummer Queen’s upcoming album.

After her last album She, the Kenyan singer is back in power with her new single “Power”. Accompanied by the Swiss beatmaker duo GR! and Hook, Muthoni Drummer Queen immerses herself in her African culture and roots to shape this work. The clip is a vibrant tribute to African and Kenyan women on a cultural, historical and biblical level.

The clip opens at the McMillan Library in Nairobi, an historic site in Nairobi that reflects the country’s colonial past. A few days before International Women’s Rights Day, “Power” is an anthem to the strong and courageous woman and strengthens the message that Muthoni Drummer Queen wants to send to all women around the world: “ We dedicate “ power” to the many women who organise and resist oppression, break molds and defy stereotypes, forge paths and occupy space”.

You can also listen to “Power'” in our Women Power playlist on Spotify and Deezer.