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Cheb Runner goes back to his roots in his Tagnawit EP

The young Belgian-Moroccan producer is back in force with his Tagnawit EP, which will be released on March 11th on the Rebel Up Records label.

Reda Senhaji’s pseudonym, Cheb Runner, is a tribute to his culture and his Mahgreb origins. Cheb is the Arabic word meaning “young” but also characterises the generation of Raï singers such as Cheb Khaled and Cheb Hasni. In his new EP, the young DJ goes back to his origins by mixing electronic music with Gnawa music – which is both a people from sub-Saharan Africa and a musical genre specific to Morocco – and exposes a work that will certainly set the mood on the dance floor.

This homecoming of Cheb Runner shows the artist’s intention to set his memories into music by mixing electronic music with the transcendent sound and percussive base of traditional Moroccan instruments (Qraqebs & Tbal). Being a son of Gnawa, he knew how to make the link between these two styles of music and offers an authentic and unique musicality for this new project.

The Tagnawit EP can be found on Rebel Up Records from March 11th. Discover the cover of the EP.