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Rozzma continues to de‑categorize Egyptian music in new video

Egyptian MC and producer Rozzma unveils his video for “Hout,” taken from a new EP on XL Recordings slated for a December 4 release. It offers an unclassifiable sound and an inquisitive tone.

Inspired by the links between tribal sounds and contemporary urban chaos, Rozzma draws inspiration from a time when sound preceded music, from a wild prehistory that echoes within him, even in the modern world. The Egyptian artist made a name for himself back in 2017 by signing with Acid Arab Records and releasing his first EP entitled Donya Fakka. “Hout” is the first taste of his new release on XL Recordings, and comes with an animation created by a friend, Mahmoud Shiha. The title of the EP, Khatar Sayeb, translates as “danger in freedom,” and aims to challenge the preconceived idea that fear and danger are uncontrollable notions.

In this case, “Hout” is a celebration of victory over obstacles, a state of mind where we find comfort in the most extreme and unfortunate circumstances of our lives to no longer fear living in freedom. Rozzma’s world is tinged with questioning, whether in the real world or more specifically in the world of music. He seeks something new and refuses categorization, though some seek to dub his music electro-chaâbi. Eqyptian music has got a future king of the rave scene.

Pre-order Khatar Sayeb here before its release on December 4.

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