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Aina More causes a sensation on her new video "Destiny"

The British-born Nigerian releases an Afro-drill track on a sample of Seun Kuti’s “Bad Man Lighter.”

The South London artist and producer could easily be described as one of the best-kept secrets in British rap. Aina More closes the year with a hot new track entitled “Destiny,” co-produced by herself and her longtime collaborator, Musiek Mambu. The track opens with a sampling of Seun Kuti‘s Afrobeat classic “Bad Man Lighter,” denouncing false prophets and drawing attention to the black female excellence, even before Aina More has rapped a bar. It also gives listeners a glimpse of what she has been up to this year.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Destiny,’ she says, “With what I’ve been creating lately, there’s so much that I’m going to give of myself musically in the coming year, I have this unquenchable hunger to express myself freely, and ‘Destiny’ is the first part of that. Lyrically, I needed to remind everyone of just who Aina More is, and overall, I feel it represents my identity well, even down to the Oye 2.0-directed visuals – I’m very authentically Yoruba, but I’m also that girl that grew up in London, and sometimes I let my ego just do its own thing.

In her hitherto little-known infusion of styles, Aina More blends the worlds of Kendrick Lamar, Skepta and Fela Kuti. She characterised by the strength of her voice as well as avant-garde sounds, as evidenced by her 2016 EP For People With Short Attention Spans and titles such as “Girls Killing It,” “Afrikan Lady” and “Healer,” which have earned her rave reviews and a spot on the radar.

The track ‘Destiny’ is available on all download platforms.

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