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Blanc Manioc releases "Momo" by Aunty Rayzor

The label plans to release a second volume of Nyamakala Beats on December 4.

The Blanc Manioc phenomenon once again serves to broaden the spectrum of the Afro-electro scene via this new compilation. Drawing from ancestral worlds and modernizing them, the creativity of the Blanc Manioc label’s featured artists is boundless. They are able to showcase the “badass” positions taken up by Aunty Rayzor (Lagos), the avant-gardism of Asna (Abidjan), the sound explorations of Pulo NDJ, Praktika, and La Dame, the raw talents of Korolé Mantholé or Gaspa, choice guests such as Sheitan Brothers, Pat Kalla, Aero Manyelo, label stalwarts like, Mc Waraba and Dom Peter … It’s a long list seemingly capable of curing all the evils of the world.

Aunty Rayzor, the sensational new MC from the Lagos scene, has a unique and impressive flow for a twenty-three year old. Ready and willing to pit herself against any challenge, she teams up with the young French producer 4DOZO, from the Limbololo Sound System, on a “kudurave” track featuring a kind of rapped hardrum and a video shot in Lagos. “Momo” is slang for a person who talks too much and in this case Aunty tells the story of a man who spends his time gossiping. After giving “Kuku Corona,” which fought the fight against the virus, the Nigerian rising star is ready to enliven any beats that come her way, pulling them into her path on jagged soundscapes.

Nyamakala Beats will be released on December 4 via Blanc Manioc